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Scotty MacNair

In February of 1945 R.C.A.F. Flying Office Ken (Scotty) MacNair was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George VI for “Fortitude, Courage and Devotion to Duty at Critical Times”. 

Over 42 years later, on Canada Day 2007, that same Distinguished Flying Cross was worn proudly by Scotty MacNair as he cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the Didsbury R/C Fun Flyers airfield, henceforth to be known as MacNair Airfield. 

Mr. Ken (Scotty) MacNair was born in Scotland and moved to Canada with his family when he was four years old.  Living south-west of Didsbury on the Westcott Road, Scotty attended both Public & High School in Didsbury and in 1942, at the age of 17 he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force.

 Eight months of training in Canada included postings to McGill University, Prince Edward Island and Air Command in Winnipeg.  After a brief five-day leave at home, Scotty reported to “Y” Depot in Halifax and was sent overseas aboard the Aquitainia with 16,800 other military personnel.

 After the 6 or 7 day crossing, during the height of the U-boat activity, the Aquitainia anchored in the mouth of the Clyde River and the military personnel disembarked to Greenock, Scotland.

 After spending two months (including Christmas) in the holding depot at Bournemouth on the south shore of England, Scotty was transferred to Worcester, in the Midlands, for three months of Operational Training with Unit #23.

 In northern Yorkshire, an Aircrew Escape Course was then followed by flight training on the four engine Lancaster aircraft.  After three cross-country flights, in Britain, the crews were declared “Operational Ready”.

 Scotty was then posted to 429 Squadron at Leeming, Yorkshire where, serving as an Upper Turret Gunner on a Lancaster, he flew his first tour of 25 flights.

 The British R.A.F. Pathfinder Force, stationed outside of London, flew the airplanes that were first to arrive on a bombing target and their job was to identify and mark the target for the following waves of Lancaster bombers.  The members of the Pathfinder Force were hand picked and within the Pathfinder Force there was one Canadian Squadron, #405.  Scotty MacNair served with #405 and completed another 41 flights.

 On August 08, 1944 Scotty MacNair attained the rank of  Flying Officer.

 By then end of the war Scotty had 66 flights over Germany and Occupied Territories at night.  Some heavily defended targets such as Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Munich, Leipzig, Cologne, Essen and the Ruhr Valley were visited multiple times, sometimes as many as 3 or 4 times.

 In February 1945, Flying Officer Scotty MacNair received the Distinguished Flying Cross on  Buckingham Palace stationary and signed by King George VI the citation read:


 Scotty MacNair also received numerous other RCAF certificates including;

R.A.F. Pathfinder Force Wing & Bar

                                    R.C.A.F. Op’s Wing

                                   R.C.A.F. Op’s Wing & Bar

King’s Commission Status Certificate

Pilot Officer Certificate

                                    Completion of two Tours R.A.F. Pathfinders

 Squadron #405 Pathfinder Force was considered the elite of the aircrews and was the most decorated squadron in Canadian Bomber Command Force.

 At the close of the War “I was one happy officer, I wired my mother that I had survived, was decorated and coming home.”

 After the war Scotty MacNair returned to civilian life spending many years in the oil industry.

 During the ceremony on Canada Day 2007 Mr. Scotty MacNair and dignitaries M.L.A. Richard Marz, County Councillor Dave Derksen, Olds Mayor Judy Dahl, Didsbury Mayor Dorothy Moore, Mr. Walt Chikmoroff, Alberta Zone Rep. for the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada and Didsbury R/C Fun Flyers Club President Mr. Brian Marcellus were escorted by two Cadets from 185 Olds Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.   

On Monday, September 19, 2011, Scotty MacNair passed away in Edmonton at the age of 86.

Scotty was survived by his wife, Marjorie and four sons.

The funeral service was held on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at the Knox United Church in Didsbury.  Interment in the Didsbury Cemetery followed.



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